Blueberry Dessert

When you need something really sweet and really yummy – especially if everyone else is getting pie and cake!

Put it into a little pyrex dish or something else microwave safe. If fresh, microwave for 1 minute, if frozen, 2 minutes.



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  1. kbw said,

    ok – this 3 weeks off is torture – i just want the program – i clearly need a rhythm to mantain order here. the program is so ‘do-able.’ being off it is torture. my energy is LOW – could it be that i miss the HCG ‘high”? and i am hungrier off program.

    just ate ryvita w/ sharp cheddar – yum. but then it just made me want more. same thing w/ homemade mac and cheese – that i just ‘tasted’ – does a big bowl count as just a taste?

    if i stay away from bread/pasta, then i can live w/o it – but just one bite brings me back.

    what i want – chocolate – so bits and bars of dark are helping. and how about ice cream!!

    i don’t think that i have gained lbs???? (hopefully xxx) but i don’t have that same ‘light’ feeling as when on the program.

    oh yes – there are several ohter cravings to….
    see you next week!

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