April 21, 2010

I miss “heavy food”!

Posted in Recipes, Weight Loss at 1:29 pm by Dr Michelle Torrance ND, LAc

This is a quote from one of my patients today. She made a connection that most of the food that she has been eating is lighter in weight and substance to what she was eating before. Gone are the days of clumpy cream sauces, pastas, potatoes and weighty fats and starches.

No doubt about it, it is a hefty change (yes, pun intended).

So what do we do to feel good about these changes in our eating habits?

1. We acknowledge that the food we’re eating is, indeed, lighter and healthier for us. We work to wrap our minds around that just because our brain is sending strong signals to increase the caloric density of our food, we don’t need to do this. Eating those calorically dense foods didn’t serve us before, in fact, it only made us heavy, literally.

2. We use thickeners and other foods to round out our meals. For example:

  • Agar or arrowroot in our soups to make them thicker and give them some additional mouth-feel.
  • Gelatin, unflavored and unsweetened, added to our fruit to make a low-glycemic jello.
  • Shirataki noodles, also known as “Miracle Noodles” to add to cold salads or soups. You can get these at Central Market in the Asian food section, or order online.
  • Konjac flour added to shakes to make them into pudding! Trust me, use less than you think you need! 1 tsp usually will suffice!


  1. Melanie said,

    Another noodle that is fabulous for soups and salads is Kelp Noodles. No they are not green and slimy. They are made out of seaweed but they do not taste like it. Little to no calories I believe 15 per serving. I find them at the co-op in Everett.

    Question, they don’t have any ingredients in them just seaweed. Can we use these on the hcg diet?

    Have a fabulous day!

    • doctorrance said,

      The kelp/seaweed noodles should be fine. Like the shirataki noodles, the carbohydrate is derived from fiber –> resulting in a net 0 carb intake!

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