April 2, 2010

Loading Days

Posted in HCG, Weight Loss at 12:33 pm by Dr Michelle Torrance ND, LAc

A lot of folks who have read the original manuscript from Dr. Simeon are often confused about the “gorging” days at the start of the protocol. Let’s clear that up!
First of all, the “gorging” days should be called “loading” days. This is a better term because the whole point is to get your blood level of HCG high enough to send the right signal to your brain to sustain it’s lean body mass and use the excess fat as fuel. This message needs to be in place before you drop your calories!

Common mistakes:
Using the diet, as written, but not the HCG.
The problem here is that your calories are too low and you’ve put your body in starvation mode. Not healthy and not effective for weight loss!

Using the HCG, but “gorging” on high calorie, high fat foods for 2-3 days.
Guess what? The amount we consume day to day is far greater than the average consumption of Dr. Simeon’s time. So, his “gorging” days are pretty equivalent to our “everydays”! If you make a special effort to over-consume, it will just be that much more weight for you to lose later.

The right way:
Take your shot each morning at about the same time, or within a 2 hour period.
Eat as you have been, don’t make special effort to get in every last bit of food you think you’re going to miss out on while on plan.
If you have an avocado or other healthy fat in your fridge, or bananas or other fruit that isn’t on the plan, than sure, eat it. Don’t waste your groceries or your money!

Hopefully, that clears that topic up a bit!

I wish you all a super-successful week!


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  1. jackie said,

    Thank you, good post!

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