March 9, 2010

Hello & Welcome!

Posted in Weight Loss at 5:19 pm by Dr Michelle Torrance ND, LAc

Welcome to my newest patient resource!

Please be patient as I get this up and running – but I hope to have for you (in the very near future) recipes, some tips and tricks to make weight loss easier, as well as thoughts on digestion problems, allergies and behavior.

What would you like to see? What questions can I answer for you?

I want to make this resource as informative and relevant as possible – and I need your help to do that! Let me know if there are topics you want me to discuss or questions that I can answer.



  1. Sara said,

    What is your recipe for your homemade taco seasoning?? And what are the “rules” with Stevia – legal, not so legal?

    • doctorrance said,

      Great questions!
      I posted the recipe for taco seasoning – and it also works great for chili. Not really so different.
      Stevia – totally legal! I like the brands SweetLeaf, NuSweet and Truvia. Its a much better option than any of the synthetic “sugars”.

  2. Sara said,

    Where do you see the role of dairy fit in when you transition from protocol to normal life? I’m thinking things like nf milk, cottage cheese, etc??

  3. Desiree' said,

    Can you have other peppers than green ?

    • doctorrance said,

      Nope, the green peppers are the least sweet of the peppers, so they work on plan the best. Red, orange and yellow peppers are similar in sweetness fruit – and we’re limited to two of those per day.
      However, if you want, you can substitute a sweet pepper for a fruit serving for the day.

  4. Stacia J said,

    Can I have chicken broth on the diet?
    I’d like to make some soup with the veggies. I would assume that organic, fat free and low sodium broth would be OK.
    Can you confirm this and also how much I can have a day?


  5. Stacia said,

    Can you post the list of food items we can have and their quantities while on the diet here? Unless it’s already up here and I missed it. 🙂

    • doctorrance said,

      I’ll get that up, great suggestion. I’ll post it under the “Weight Loss” heading.

  6. Stacia said,

    I wanted to pass along a spice merchant in Seattle that I highly recommend:

    We’ve been buying spices and blends from them for years. Almost everything sells for between $1 and $2 per ounce so you can load up for under $10.
    I’ve been on Atkins for the last 10 years and they are a lifesaver. They have everything from Adobo and BBQ blends to Syrian rubs all sugar free and low salt. They don’t add any sugar or fillers to the blends and their dried spices are the freshest you can get. Chicken, Shrimp and Turkey are never boring!!

    • doctorrance said,

      Thank you! I know just the one you’re talking about. It’s great place.

  7. Stacia said,

    Can I have pickled foods? Cucumbers and asparagus are on the veggie list.
    I’m assuming that I would need to look for foods that have no sugar or other fillers in them.

    • doctorrance said,

      This one is tricky- my inclination is to say “yes” because you’re right, those foods are on the list and good quality ones won’t have anything added that isn’t “approved”.
      However, my experience tells me that the answer is “no”. The act of pickling changes the ratio of the minerals enough to cause fluid retention and this causes weight loss to be more difficult.
      Pickled and fermented foods are fabulous, but not for the weight loss stage of the diet.

  8. Stacia said,

    I’d like to add probiotics to my daily intake to fix some GI issues I am having. Is this OK?

  9. Stacia said,

    I’ve been running a temp of over 100 for the last 48 hours (it’s at 101.8 now). Is there anything that you can recommend to fix this? I’m taking the buffered C powder and the electrolytes already.

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